Real Change, Not Just Spare Change

Support alternatives to giving cash to panhandlers

Our mission is to educate our community on giving, sharing, donating, and to think of more effective ways to improve our programs and care for our homeless. We encourage citizens to donate their time and money to local organizations that offer services including meals, shelter, job training, rehabilitation, mental health, and health care.

May we suggest . . .
Ways you can help

  • Volunteer your time at a shelter or soup kitchen
  • Bring food, clothing, or toys to a shelter in Durham
  • Urge your faith-based or other organization to donate space or resources to provide solutions

Let your generosity be a part of the solution

There are struggling citizens in our community. We can play an integral part in improving their lives and enriching our own. We must ensure our generosity is part of the solution, and not adding to the problem. The community must take responsibility for how its charitable dollars are used.

The InterNeighborhoodCouncil of Durham (INC) has developed the Durham, Can you Spare a Change? campaign to encourage people to support alternatives to giving cash directly to panhandlers. INC suggests redirecting spare change to agencies in our community that provide food, shelter, and mental health services to individuals in crisis.

How the campaign developed

INC interviewed the directors of local homelessness and substance abuse agencies and found that they overwhelmingly prefer people to donate time or money to local organizations that offer services, such as meals, shelter, job training, rehabilitation, and mental health support, instead of giving money directly to panhandlers. Many of the service agencies, and the recipients of their services, are certain that money given to individuals on the street rarely goes toward the services listed above. Yet, these are the services most people who share money with panhandlers would like to think they are supporting.

Have questions, want to help, or ready to contribute?

Would you like to learn more about Durham, Can You Spare a Change?, volunteer your time toward the campaign, or contribute to this InterNeighborhood Council effort so we can print more brochures?